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Computer Maintenance

  • Want to outsource the maintenance of your computer network?
  • Are you looking for a local and reliable IT support?

Nodding Panda can provide you with the IT support you need to be able to continue your day to day work without the need to be concerned about the results of your equipment failing or your data being lost. We can cover all of the hardware associated with your company, including PC’s, servers, printers, broadband-related hardware and network equipment.

Support is provided by telephone, remotely and on-site where necessary.

Nodding Panda is committed to deal with every issue you raise in a professional manner, making sure that you are kept up to date with the progress of the resolution. Our aim is to resolve each issue promptly and we will not hesitate to send an engineer to your site if this is required.

The Panda is happy to provide on-site training within the scope of our experience for most office products at our standard rate. We have experience in using many types of software, including Microsoft operating systems and Office software. We are also happy to provide consultancy on how software can be utilised within your company and improve efficiency and productivity. A standard minimum charge would be applicable for such training and consultancy.

When you make a monthly agreement with us, we will provide you with a system audit that includes an assessment of your current computer and equipment setup, advising on any new hardware or systems that you may benefit from. Such an audit would be specific to your needs and can be used for future planning, part implementation or full deployment.

Please contact the Panda for more details.

Computer Healthcheck

Should you get a new computer or upgrade your existing one?

The Panda can help you decide whether your computer is up to scratch by offering a healthcheck. We will check all the components of your computer, how your computer meets up to current standards and suggest improvements that could be made according to your use.

Quite often, upgrading can extend the life span of a computer for a fraction of the cost, particularly for people who just use their computer for email, word processing and general internet browsing.

Computer healthchecks are available for £45. Contact the Panda for more details.